How do I mark a lecture complete on Udemy?

You can manually mark or unmark lectures as complete on Udemy from the course Dashboard. Keep in mind that lectures will automatically mark complete when you finish them, but you can also do this manually as explained above. To mark a lecture as complete or to unmark it just follow […]

Where can I teach online?

You can teach online in any of these platforms: Udemy Skillshare Teachlr Lynda Envato Tuts StackCommerce All of them have different Terms and Conditions, Business Models, etc. So we would recommend that you explore them in detail before signing up. 0

What should I teach on Skillshare?

You can teach whatever you like. Generally people teach about topics they’re passionate about or in which they have a lot of experience or expertise. Having said that, the most successful courses on Skillshare involve a creative skill with a real-world application. You can read more about this here. 0

Should I expect sales to be lower during weekends?

Yes. And this is probably not Udemy specific. Sales tend to be lower during weekends since people are less likely to spend long hours on laptops, tablets, computers, etc. like they do during weekdays. Most people will focus their weekend time on family, entertainment, resting, shopping, house chores, etc. So […]